If you have a hotel that is a bit outdated, we paint it with a fresh, updated look.

Preferred Painting provides full-service commercial painting services for hotels in South Florida. We understand that your hotel is busy with guests. Our commercial painting service offers high-quality paint that is specifically designed to withstand heavily-trafficked areas better than the type of paint that we would use for your home. We also know that people are going to your South Florida hotel every day, and you don’t want your lobby or rooms to look like a construction zone.

We work quickly and efficiently to get your workspace back to normal as quickly as possible.

We are neat and clean; we won’t leave behind a mess, and we take all the necessary safety precautions to ensure that no one will experience an injury on or off the job. It is essential that your place of business look as professional as the people who work there, and we can help you achieve this look.

Every member of the Preferred Painters team strives to deliver outstanding customer service at every point of the hotel painting process. Our goal is to add value to your project in every way possible to ensure your satisfaction.

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