If your home is lacking some personality, you can brighten it up with accent walls and a painting company in Lake Worth. Dull, white walls can really wear you down after a while, but did you know that adding a pop of color could completely transform your home or office? It’s a simple addition that makes a huge difference.

Choosing the Accent Wall with a Painting Company in Lake Worth 

The first step is to choose which wall is going to be worthy of the new color. Unfortunately, selecting the wrong wall can be disastrous. It’s not necessarily the main wall that gets the attention, but a simple accent that brings more life, rejuvenation, and personality. An accent wall should be one that possesses something unique. For example, if one of the surfaces has a ledge cut into it, or if one of the surfaces has a slanted ceiling, they are perfect candidates. Fireplace walls are also wonderful options. In short, accent walls pull the eye’s focus and offer something unique.   

After finding the wall of your choice, it’s time to pick the color. A dark accent wall is excellent for bright rooms, as it provides a balanced contrast. Alternatively, a lighter accent wall is recommended for a darker place. The lightness of the color can help expand smaller spaces. Choosing color schemes that fit within the room’s style is a must, as you don’t want it to be eccentrically misplaced.  

Last, it’s essential to hire a high-quality painting company in Lake Worth to assist with the job. At Preferred Painters, we’re a team of experienced painting professionals who understand the art and craft. Painting isn’t a job you want to give to just anyone. There are fine techniques and details that can make your room look beautiful. Whether you’re looking for an accent wall or an entire paint job, Preferred Painters is the company to call. We work with warehouses, shopping plazas, new construction sites, residential homes, airports, and so much more. For a team with efficiency, promptness, and a job well done, call 561-654-5524 today.